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01/08/2020 — Other

Why do hosts use the terms "unmetered" and "unlimited"?

So, you've stumbled upon a host that either has the term "unmetered" or "unlimited" in the product description and you think to yourself ❛Do they truly provide an "unmetered" or "unlimited" amount of resources?❜ Let us tell you why these terms are used and what they mean for you.

What is the definition of these terms?

First of all, the definition of both terms doesn't really differ. The meaning of both is something that's not limited or measured; however, when it comes to the hosting industry we know that's not necessarily the case. Let us tell you why.

Why are these terms used?

These terms aren't used to fool the consumer (you), as there is some truth behind using these terms. Most companies will have these terms spread accross their website for marketing purposes. Although having something "unlimited" may some unrealistic there is honesty behind the word. Companies will often have something called a "fair use policy", this essentially means if you stay within the bounds of the agreement you accept when you register then you shouldn't have any issue, but if you decide to upload malicious files, large amount of files (e.g videos) then this can often break the "fair use policy" which is where you'll begin to run into trouble.

But... it's impossible?

You may be thinking that having something "unmetered" or "unlimited" is technologically impossible as everything has a limit. You'd be absolutely correct if that's what you were thinking. Most companies have something called a "soft limit" or "hard limit" set.

What does this mean for me?

Fear not! If you obide by the terms of which the company has set out or any soft limits they have set then you shouldn't have any issues in using up as much space as necessary.