...is a hosting company that was founded in early 2019. Ever since then we've wanted to offer a reliable and affordable hosting experience that can be easily accessible by anyone. We do this by providing features that enable the client to easily interact with their service. Some of these features include ddos protection, powerful hardware, dedicated support and instant activation.

The Numbers

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The Staff

Theo W

Theo has over 2 years of experience in the hosting industry, and over 5 years of running game servers. He has a passion for helping clients, and providing a reliable service.

Aidan J
Support Staff

Aidan has amassed a lot of knowledge with both linux and unturned over the years. He currently operates one of the most popular unturned servers. He can quickly diagnose and fix your issue.

Andreas M
Support Staff

Andreas has been apart of the unturned community for years now, and has managed to gain a lot of respect and knowledge. He can quickly and effectively help you with any problems you may have.

Kenzi M
Support Staff

Kenzi has an extensive amount of knowledge with both linux and a large majority of game servers. He's the wizard of hosting. If you have more difficult issues, he'll help you out.

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